Tuesday, 14 November 2017

WALT: To describe a photo. Use your imagination to describe what you are doing.


Just the other day I was trying to make a clean escape from the traitorous zoo. I found two large. Pale sticks lying on the concrete floor. As i picked them up and started on my long journey to home the zookeepers were sprinting after me. The cold air nipped my cheeks, as I soared through the aqua, turquoise sky. Clouds shook me round and round. I slipped down the sticks a few times but I managed to get back up again. I promise it does not what it looks like sheriff.

The laughing stock…

My brother and I were lounging on the vast grasslands. We were watching the game of all times, it was called: Paw ball. As I turn to look at my friend's face, I see something rather peculiar…  “Brother may I tell you a joke?” I mysteriously ask “ Fine go ahead" he sighs "YOUR FACE!!!" I giggle and chuckle but my friend does not find it funny.
"I Promise it's NOT what it looks like, I would never laugh at my brothers face!?"

Monday, 13 November 2017

We had to write a description

WALT: Use a range of descriptive vocabulary

Paradise Island...
The turquoise blue sky over lapped the unbelievably peaceful scenery. Metal, black sand smothered into the dry golden crispy sand. Aqua, white foam engulfed the waves as it chased after one another. Lush green grass danced on the long towering hill as it overlooked the warming, peaceful beach. Water trickled back into the murky, vast ocean. A cliff stood in the middle of the beach, it guarded the place. Waves clashed onto the rocks as if it was a war. The water faded out into the big, blue ocean. Colourful coral fish swam unstoppably in the shallows.

Seagulls gull loudly in the distance hovering over the carcaess. Waves crash after one another making a warming beat to the, melody singing birds in the towering, tropical trees. Howling wind kisses the summit of the cliff. Rocks plunge themselves of the cliff waiting for their watery death. Birds perch themselves unsteady on the caramel, brown branch. Flying fish sour over the aqua, blue, murky ocean making a clash as they dive for moisturising.

Ka pai!! I loved how used advanced vocabulary and amazing figurative language. Your writing made sense and it was interesting.  I enjoyed it!!! :) - Nuha…

Great Job Brianna!
I liked the way you said “Rocks punge themselves of the cliff waiting for their watery death. I also liked how you used lots of different examples of descriptive language and explained everything in detail. ~ Samarah

Well done Briana! This piece of work really painted a great picture in my mind also great vocab! - Gabrielle
WOW, Great work Brianna! I like the way you used lots of personification, it was very interesting to read. - Sameera

                                       Nice job Briana! I loved how you described the setting well. ~Sherlyn

This is what we did for writing. We had to describe as class why the sky is blue.

Is the sky actually what you think, Blue?!

Look outside what do you see? All I see is a boring blue sky! Why can’t it be pink, purple or even pastel colours. Many children would of asked this question to what seems a dependent, older person in their family. Others would have obtained the scientific side of the definition well as others would have received a dreamt, fiction explanation. In the following paragraphs I will scientifically explain for why the sky seems to be BLUE!

In order to understand that the sky is not just blue you need to know that light is not just yellow or orange, it is  actually made up of all the colours of the rainbow. Like sound, light energy travels in waves. Waves can be either long or short. Different colours of the rainbow all have different wave lengths. For example, the blue waves are shorter than the red. Did you know that the light from the sun can travel to earth in about 8 mins and 20 sec?!

Did you know that the air around the earth is the atmosphere? The atmosphere is made up from millions of tiny oxygen and nitrogen molecules. While travelling to earth, the sunlight's UV (Ultra Violet) rays will pass through the atmosphere. Lights will always travel in a straight line unless something causes it to bend, reflect or scatter. Light that is travelling through the atmosphere will be affected due to the tiny molecules.

The blues waves are the smallest so they scatter the most, so everywhere you look it appears to be BLUE! Around the atmosphere the blue light will keep on bouncing and reflecting. Red, orange and yellow also bounce of the molecules, but since there waves are bigger they don’t scatter as much as blue. Closer to the horizon, the fades to a lighter blue or white that is because the light has scattered and rescattered so it would not be as strong as before. Next time you see a horizon, you can tell your parents how it is ACTUALLY formed.

Introduction sentence: Light Blue

Conclusion sentence: Mint Green

Thursday, 28 September 2017

W.A.L.T: write a letter to the Prime Minister about decreasing the age of voting to 16.

Halsey Drive School
106 Halsey Drive
Rt Hon Bill English/Jacinda Ardern      Auckland
Prime Minister          1042
Freepost Parliament
Private Bag 18 888
Parliament Buildings
Wellington 6160

Thursday 21st September 2017

Dear Prime Minister,

Congratulations on your successful election, campaign this year. My family and I have been following the debate and election, we think you have covered all the main issues. Unfortunately I feel that there is one issue that has been missed from the debates. I believe that the age restriction for voting should be reduced from the age 18 to the age of 16.  Everyone should know that you are one of the best Prime Ministers NZ has ever had. You are very smart and brilliant woman/man so I am hoping that you would consider my argument.  If you consider my argument I know that more pupils will elect you for the next election.

I strongly believe that young adults should be able to vote at the age of 16 as it is important for them to have a say. Without a doubt elderly will disagree with this statement that 16 year olds are too young. On the other hand they are able to drive a car, stay home alone and even babysit.  Being an older pupil you would have to put up with jobs, bills and other financial things. Where as 16 year olds are still at school so they would have more time to vote.

.Unlike past generations digital natives put up with the latest technology to help inform them for the next election. The time has come to start including 16 year olds in all decisions of their future as members in NZ’s democratic society. Since you are the best Prime Minister that anyone could wish for, we know that you will fulfil our requests.

Kind Regards,
Brianna & Sameera

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

W.A.L.T: Write an excuses poem. use reptitive language.


Sorry Mum...
I tried to eat all my delicious dinner
but I had a  painful tummy ache.
Something fell off my plate,
Maybe it was the undercooked steak.

Sorry Mum…
I accidently dropped the rice relaxing
on my plate on the ground.
I knew the dog was bound to find
the lousy rice lying around.

    Sorry Mum…
When I got down to pick it up
the broccoli ran away.
Chasing the broccoli,
I came to a halt in front of a large ebony dog from Bombay.

Sorry Mum…
I tried to pick up the fork
but every time it burnt my finger.
A killer clown came to town and
yes he owned a gunslinger.


      Sorry Mum…
     I thought I heard a plane crash
        so I went outside to check the backyard.
        When I came back inside to eat my dinner
        I saw my food running towards the
      Sorry Mum…
There was a tsunami
that knocked my plate away.
The broccoli, carrots, beans and corn
All went astray.